Town Government

The Town of Kensington offices are located in the 1927 Armory building at 3710 Mitchell Street. They are open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays and can be reached by phone 301-494-2424 or through the website

The Town government still operates in the same basic form as it did at its incorporation in 1894. It has a mayor and counsel holding monthly town meetings, and now includes a town manager and other office and public works staff. The Town boundary includes approximately one square mile, while the 20895 Kensington zip code extends far beyond the town limits.

More than a century after the town’s incorporation, the residents and those in surrounding communities, continue to enjoy a large Historic District still exemplifying an early Victorian garden suburb, nine public parks, and a distinctive business district with a wide variety of specialty shops. The Town, local merchants, and the Historical Society hold community-building activities: picnics, parades, festivals and concerts. Look for upcoming activities and local events on the Town of Kensington website, the Explore Kensington website (, the Kensington Historical Society website, and an informational kiosk on Howard Avenue across from the Train Station.