Information for Performers:

The Kensington Historical Society Summer Concert Series runs from June – September. Showtime starts at 10AM each Saturday with a 1 hour setup (9AM) and teardown time (by 12PM). The venue is outdoors under the pergola located in front of the Prevention of Blindness Society Look Again Resale Shop, 3716 Howard Ave, Kensington, MD (in Howard Avenue Park, across from the Farmer’s Market which is held from 9-1 on Saturdays at the Train Station).
  • There is a $140 honorarium payment for the act, with a check provided on-site.
  • Artists may additionally collect tips and sell merchandise.
  • At this time we ask artists to provide their own amplification, tip jar, chairs & music stands. There is an electric extension cord attached to the light pole.
A support volunteer will be available to help setup and with soundcheck.
For booking, please send an email to the Kensington Historical Society along with:
  • The name of your act and a one-line description as you wish to see it printed on the event calendar and other materials,
  • A link to an electronic press kit, or whatever materials might help us and
  • payee name (for the check).
We will add you to our contact sheet and reach out for availability when dates become available.