The Vision of Kensington is a long-range preservation plan for the Kensington Historic District. In 1992 the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC), on behalf of the Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission (MCHPC), studied the historic district in Kensington to determine an appropriate “vision” for the district to guide decision-making for the future. Several professional groups served as consultants to M-NCPPC throughout the project, which also relied heavily on public participation through a series of public meetings and workshops. Understanding Kensington’s history and its visual qualities that create its character will be a basis for the strategies that will guide the preservation and enhancement of the historic district in the future. The Vision of Kensington has been adopted by the MCHPC, the Town of Kensington, the Kensington Historical Society, the Kensington Land Trust, and the Local Advisory Panel.

A Long Range Preservation Plan

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Title, Overview, Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Preservation in Montgomery County
Creation and Operation of Historic Districts
The Historic Preservation Commission and Its Procedures
Goals for Preservation in Montgomery County

III. The Establishment of the Kensington Historic District
IV. Character-Defining Features

Historical Overview
Character-Defining Features
Building Setbacks: Residential and Commerical Patterns
Rhythm of Spacing Between Buildings
Geographic and Landscape Features
Scale and Building Height
Directional Expression of Building Facades
Roof Forms and Materials
Dominant Building Materials
Integrity of Form, Building Conditional and Threats
Architectural Styles
Queen Anne
Colonial Revival
American Four-Square
Shingle Style
Federal Revival
Gothic Revival
Frequency Reports
Review of Physical Characteristics
V. Development of a Long-Range Preservation Plan
Interests and Concerns
Reaching Toward Long Range Preservation of Kensington
Strategies for Maintaining Historic Character
VI. Bibliography